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Benefits of HBOT for Stroke patients

January 31, 2013
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy at Jupiter Medical Center helps stroke victim recover

January 23, 2013
Oxygen Chamber Can Boost Brain Repair Years After Stroke or Trauma

Publication of a major study by Dr Shai Efrati in PLoS ONE
Hyperbaric oxygen induces late neuroplasticity in Post-stroke (CVA) and TBI patients

November 2012
Video of his conference:

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''Hyperbaric Therapy can lead to significant
neurological improvements in post stroke and TBI patients even at late chronic stages.''

''The observed clinical improvements imply that neuroplasticity can still be activated long after damage onset in regions where there is a brain SPECT/CT (anatomy/physiology) mismatch.''

1.3 ATA with ambient air (21% oxygen) is not a placebo:

''In many clinical trials, 1.3 is considered as placebo; this is not placebo, it increase the oxygen in the tissue by more than 50%. This is a dose effect.''
14m20s into the first video


About Dr. Shai Efrati:
Dr. Efrati is President of the Israel Society of Hyperbaric and Diving Medicine (ISHDM), and is currently a senior physician and Director of Research and Development of the Assaf Harofeh Medical Center - Institute of Hyperbaric Medicine. Dr. Efrati specializes in internal medicine and in hyperbaric medicine and has many years of research experience.

Schedule of the Conference presented in Israel in November 2012

Stroke: Recovery with Oxygenici



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