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January 31, 2013

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy helping to heal animals
Par Robin Cross / CBS12 News

FORT PIERCE, Fla. -- When you hear "hyperbaric chamber" most in our area associate divers using the chambers after suffering decompression sickness - otherwise called "the bends."

But CBS12 started looking into other uses for the chamber and as it turns out, some swear they are miracle machines.

It's a four-legged emergency at the animal hospital. Charlie, a little terrier, fell into a pool just one hour before arriving at the emergency pet hospital.

The quickest way to get this tiny, near-drowning victim to recover is by sticking him in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. In he goes, with another pooch in despair for about an hour. An hour later, the dog that couldn't walk -- is now walking.

It's no miracle said veterinarian Dr. Ronald Lyman. His practice is the only one offering hyperbaric oxygen treatment to animals in the entire region. Lyman uses the chamber to help dogs with a variety of health problems and disorders. Broken bones, brain trauma and wounds are among some of the uses. When you take oxygen and pressurize it in a tube, Lyman said, the oxygen is forced into an animal's cells bringing them back to life.

Pamela Trafficant told CBS12 reporter Juan Carlos Fanjul that she swears by hyperbaric oxygen treatment. She was worried sick about "Sir Calvin," her 11-week-old Golden Lab puppy. Just 5 days after getting him from the breeder, he developed an inflammation of the muscles caused by a tick-born disease. The puppy's every move was painful. He couldn't even open his mouth to eat.

Trafficant said some would deem the expense crazy since treatments range from $125 to $200 per one-hour session. All told, Trafficant spent $15,000, all out of pocket.

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