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What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) ?

Yada hyperbaric chamber

HBOT is a simple holistic treatment that consist of sitting or lying down in a sealed chamber in which the pressure is slowly increased and the person breaths room air (21% oxygen) or a higher oxygen concentration (24% to 100%). This pressure increases the oxygen level in the blood plasma, the lymphatic liguid and the cerebrospinal fluid
where it can't get to at normal atmospheric pressure, therefore flooding the tissues and all the cells in the body. This is improving cellular metabolism and boosting the regeneration process. It is well known mainly for its use with divers who experiene decompression sickness (the bends), or carbon monoxide poisoning among other indications.

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Portable Hyperbaric Chambers 1.3 ATA (4.3 PSI)

Available March 2013



The solution for Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is now confirmed... but still not accepted by the US Administration:

Latest news about Dr. Paul G. Harch's groundbreaking research here >>

February 8th 2012
- Michael Phelps using ‘tank'-like hyperbaric chamber to aid recovery

Professional athletes use portable hyperbaric chambers for recovery:
- Article about Tiger Woods - Avril 15th 2010
- List of professional athletes

''8th International Symposium on Translational Medicine in Hyperbaric Practice'' presented by the IHMA.


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